"SHOW me thy ways, O LORD; TEACH me thy
paths.  LEAD me in thy TRUTH, and TEACH me..."   (Psa 25:4-5)
"O send out thy LIGHT and thy TRUTH: let them lead me..." (Psa 43:3) .
This web site is devoted to researching and
understanding what the Bible really says about sexual things.
The writer has had many unique things happen to him that give a unique
witness to things that are written herein. To read about some of
those unique things and see related photos please
           Although God does have laws against sex without proper commitment and authorization (fornication & adultery),
    and against sexual perversions such as violent sex or same sex affairs, yet our God who invented sex is not against thrilling
    and pleasing sex, as erroneous religion often is.  God's sex laws are not intended to deprive or pain humanity, but rather
    are intended to protect both parents and children.  If God had no marriage laws, and it rather was customary for men and
    women every day to take for themselves any mate they might be able to allure that day, what an insecure and frustrating
    world we would live in.  God desires secure parents, secure children, and a healthy society.  Sexual errors often infringe
    upon another person, or disrupt and distort the human family in general.  

           Humanity's sexuality is a powerful force, which can both do much good or much evil, having possibilities similar to
    fire and glue.  Fire and glue can provide wondrous warming and bonding, and therewith greatly benefit humanity, but yet
    fire and glue if misapplied or out of control can make great trouble and a real mess.  Likewise humanity's sexuality can
    very much create warm and strong family bonds, yet if misapplied or out of control can result in frustrations, grievous
    crimes, and a real mess.  May God help us experience the wondrous warming and bonding of Biblical sexuality, rather
    than the difficulties of uncontrolled sex!    Human sexuality is also somewhat like a river, being difficult to simply stop,
    and which yet is a very good and beautiful thing when inside its banks, but a dreadful thing outside of them.  God's order
    keeps sex inside of good banks.  

           God desires His sexual creation to enrich our lives, yet not to dominate them.  When a person's sexual desires
    dominate their life,  and one becomes addicted to and obsessed with sexual pursuits, their sex life can become like having
    a case of poison ivy, which although feeling good while being itched obviously is not a blessing.   May our lives be
    enriched and warmed, by the enthralling and best possibilities within God's sexual creation, yet may our lives not be
    obsessed and enslaved by it.

           All of God's laws including His sexual laws are intended to keep individuals and humanity as a whole out of difficult
    situations, rather than to put or keep people in difficult situations.  May we find that good place.  God's laws were made
    for man rather than man made for God's laws.  Remember, our good God who created the wonder of sex, is not against
    thrilling and pleasing sex.  


         Although God created sex to bless mankind, ironically numerous influential ancient teachers (often counted Christian
    Church Fathers), considered all sex a base and shameful act, and advocated sex in marriage was only appropriate or
    allowable to create offspring.  Thus in reality sex was basically disallowed even in marriage, such as possibly only once
    per child and after menopause none.  Their disallowance of sex in marriage sadly made marriage a place of troubling
    temptation rather than a place of love and fulfillment as God intended, while if Apostle Paul had believed as these he
    should have written it is better to stay away from marriage than to burn, rather than written it is better to marry than
    burn.  It appears their disallowance of sex in marriage in some respects is worse than disallowing marriage, and even that
    Paul called the doctrine of devils.  Further these also were so opposed to the beauty of woman that they advocated even
    women's faces should be veiled, although oppositely in old times Godly women freely adorned themselves.   

         The writer when starting this web site was very grieved at religious errors such as requiring Priests to be unmarried,
    erroneously confining sex to reproduction, and erroneously rejecting feminine beauty and erroneous veiling.  Yet recently
    the writer was shocked to learn that our world's sexual confusion has been even much more bizarre than that.  Recently
    the writer learned that in the middle of the 19th century, at a repressive time when sex simply for love (rather than for
    reproduction), was considered immoral by lawmakers, and when it thus was illegal to promote or sell condoms in many
    cities of the USA, and when condoms could be confiscated in the mail, some amazing supposed medical things were also
    happening.  Yes in this repressive time and when solo orgasms were called self abuse and believed by many to be the
    greatest destroyer of health and to even make people go insane, and when special spiked harnesses sometimes were worn
    to help males refrain, then doctors under the intent or disguise of medical treatments were massaging women's breasts and
    wombs as a cure for various feminine ailments.

         From 1850 through 1930, special massage using spraying water or mechanical devices was a quite important medical
    treatment in the USA.  Further in treating some ailments these hydro and mechanical massages were applied to women's
    parts in a manner as many women use today when massaging themselves to sexual orgasm.  At this time in history, a time
    when electricity and mechanical massagers were quite new, massagers were largely disguised or  accepted as an amazing
    new electrical and medical device.  Yet these massagers often included vaginal prods among the many attachments, and
    were advertised in popular magazines, as the aid every woman needs, with quotes such as,  "Every nerve, every fiber of
    your whole body will tingle with the force of your OWN AWAKENED POWERS.  All the keen relish, and pleasures of
    youth, will throb within you, you will realize the joy of living".  Various writers say that in times past, massage to orgasm
    at the hand of doctors and midwives, was a normal treatment for hysteria in women, and while some of this quite
    obviously is true, yet to know how common such was, is difficult.  In a society where sexuality was considered
    disgraceful, and was to be a rare thing only for reproduction, many wives would not have attained orgasm when she
    should have, as such often takes significant skillful stimulation, and thus in these supposed medical massages, it is possible
    that many women did not understood what was really happening or how sexual this treatment really was.  Darkness and
    ignorance has much opportunity to exist within subjects that most are afraid to speak about.  The invention of massagers
    likely did awaken some amazing powers in women, as massager advertisements spoke of.


         Dr. John H. Kellogg was a very influential doctor around a hundred years ago, and operated a very large medical
    facility in Michigan.  Yet he like various early church Fathers was very negative about sexuality and advocated sex was
    only proper for reproduction.  Although he was married, it is said him and his wife kept separate beds and is said to have
    remained celibate all his life, because sex was supposedly so base and unhealthy.  Yet he was a great advocate of both
    hydro and mechanical massage, and advocated special massage of the breasts and womb to help women with their
    menstruation complications  (Ladies Guide in Health and Disease, Pages 511-514).  Dr. Kellogg also is known for his part
    in inventing corn flakes, which food in due time evolved into Kellogg Cornflake company, which is one of the largest
    convenient food companies in the world today.  At the time of inventing corn flakes, Kellogg added little or no sugar to
    them, as Kellogg was a strong believer that certain foods and ingredients, including sugar increased sexual desire, while his
    corn flakes were to minimize such.  Sylvester Graham who lived shortly before Kellogg also advocated similar things
    regarding sexuality and diet, and held meetings in the Eastern USA where it is said thousands attended.  Graham is also
    known for making what evolved into what we know as Graham Crackers.

          An old book my great-grandfather as well as grandfather had, and written by Bernar Macfadden, shares various of
    the ideas of Kellogg.  Macfadden wrote that husbands should never show sexual passion unless the wife intentionally
    arouses it, and wrote the normal wife will quite rarely desire sex, and warned that the abnormal wife who might desire sex
    almost any time of the month can greatly damage her husband.  Macfadden also speaking about a man he personally
    knew and who had gone insane, said he believed this happened at least in part because this man had tried to have sex
    without conception by sowing the seed at times when it could not take root  (Manhood and Marriage, Bernarr Macfadden,
    pages 67-68).  Reading some of Kellogg's books, as well as other bizarre sex teachings of the past is enough to make one
    cry, laugh, and upset.  Children at times were closely watched, blankets yanked off, and their sexual parts enclosed with
    wire and spikes and some even doused with acids to prevent solo orgasms, and which then was called self abuse, and was
    said to cause almost innumerable ailments, as well as insanity. All forms of sexual release were thought unhealthy (at least
    for males).  Bernarr Macfadden quoted teachers who said loosing one drop of sperm is like loosing 60 drops of blood,
    meaning a loss of 1/4 ounce of sperm would be equal to loosing almost a pint of blood!  Further when males who
    refrained from all sexuality then had nocturnal emissions, even those were considered an evil and damaging disease that
    unchaste people brought upon themselves!  To prevent nocturnal emissions, hard beds, cold baths and tasteless foods
    were advocated.  It appears the bizarre, harsh, and unreasonable sexual beliefs and manners of these kind of doctors and
    writers, worried and stressed some poor children as well as adults into sickness and insanity, while then they would use
    these examples of sickness and insanity to confirm their teachings, and to worry and stress others into the same!  What a
    sad world, and did the dark ages ever quite?   Thanks to Google, for digitizing so many books including the old medical
    books that contain these bizarre things, so they now can be easily searched and read by all.  This web page gives
    numerous quotes of Kellogg, and Macfadden;  http://www.biblicalsexuality.com/home33.htm .  Although some religious
    and medical ones have been so anti sex, Proverbs 4:18-19 oppositely reads,  "Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with
    the wife of thy youth.  Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou
    ravished always with her love."

         Considering the madness of our society and religious world, as even in recent years, how can we trust our society and
    religious world to be teaching us the truth regarding sexuality even today?  Numerous things that our general religious
    world teaches about sexuality and veiling, quite obviously are quite opposite of what the Bible really teaches.  These issues
    are extensively discussed on this web site. It is true that God has sexual laws, yet how can our religious world expect
    people to honor their particular sexual laws and traditions, when they have this kind of a bizarre history?  So may we look
    at the Bible in a new way to learn what it really says about this subject.  Are our sexual beliefs based on the Bible, or on
    erring religious and social traditions?   

          May those who might reject this web site, be very aware of the religious confusion on this subject, and therewith at
    least be moved to be more open minded and considerate, rather than being hard and immovable as were the stanch
    Scribes and Pharisees.  Regarding marriage and divorce, some religious ones hold to the institution of marriage in a very
    harsh and legalistic way, largely as if man was made for marriage rather than marriage for man, and apply the letter of the
    God's marriage laws insomuch that His laws end up disrupting families rather than securing families as they are intended!  
    Yes, although the spirit and intent of the law gives life, the letter killeth (2 Cor 3:6).  These things are also extensively
    considered on this site.  In conclusion may we remember that God's laws were not designed to pain and inflict mankind,
    but to protect and preserve, and may we also remember the verses;  "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill,
    and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." (John 10:10).    "...Full
    well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition."  (Mark 7:9).

    God Bless
    Amos Bender

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall
make you free."   (John 8:32).
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