The Dreadful Intrude, Of A Repressive Prude Attitude
    May this poem and prelude, which always rhymes with the word
    prude, be often shared and everywhere bestrewed, and somehow repression be subdued.  

    God first made man nude, and should man
    thus conclude, that our God initially made us lewd?  And
    should we further conclude, that through disobedience with
    food, man became more wise and shrewd, and thus nicely
    rescued, from being both nude and lewd?  This is a subject
    quite miscued, and a vital topic that needs be reviewed.  
    Certainly in the beginning, nude was not lewd, while the
    beautiful female, even now if nude, is still quite far from
    crude, rude, or lewd, which point God's best Book and Song
    include.  The Song of Songs should not be thought lewd,
    although women's God given assets it does exude, and as a
    great blessing to sometimes be viewed.  When moderation
    and discretion is ensued, and immaculate feminine beauty
    viewed, with gratitude and a right attitude, much good rather
    than evil can exude.  When such is viewed, with wrong
    intentions subdued, with coveting and jealousy in retrude,
    man's smile can be renewed, he with appreciation endued,
    womankind additionally valued, wives loved with increased
    magnitude, women's welfare pursued, her wellbeing ensued,
    her beauty not booed, nor her lovely form tabooed, nor her
    smile cruelly subdued, but may become hued, with an
    enchanting mood.  But some who are prude, very oppositely
    conclude, and women's faces exclude, her beauty seclude,
    her graceful form tabooed, and heinous veiling pursued.  
    While some are so miscued, they further elude, that rather
    violence be viewed, and religious wars be pursued, and
    women are beaten for a mere arm that is nude.  So what
    should be ensued, in a world so skewed, and where devils
    delude, and mistaken teachers are shrewd, and where false
    religions intrude?  I certainly conclude, this website be
    reviewed, a careful search be pursued, and may justice,
    mercy, and truth in a new way protrude.