In this unique situation things are turned around and the whale gives the sermon rather than
    Jonah!  Here the whale, which was caught in a  stifling net gives an awe inspiring sermon on how
    blessed it is to be set free, and remarkably on the festive day which honors and ascribes to love and
    romance, being Valentine's Day.  God is very interested in love and romance, and so interested, He
    not only created it, but ordained that it should be the foundation of every human on earth.  God
    intended, beauty, love, and romance, to wondrously invigorate and delight mankind.  Yet some of
    our world's largest religions sadly forbid marriage and grievously avert feminine beauty insomuch
    as to veil women's faces, while related errors and oppressions of beauty and sexuality grievously
    echo across most all religions, while millions if not billions are caught in it's stifling net.  Although
    Jonah is not here to preach, yet this whale gives a whale of a sermon on the subject.  Further the
    Sermon of the Whale very much corresponds with the clear message of numerous phenomenal
    occurrences which the writer (Bender) personally has experienced.  Regarding beauty, romance, and
    sexuality, the creator of this website has had numerous phenomenal things happen, and much more
    outstanding than the Sermon of the Whale, and which largely give the same sermon.  Numerous of
    those amazing occurrences are shared on this page.  This website clearly exposes how erring
    religion has grievously bound up beauty, romance, and sexuality, with a grievous net which has
    heinously pained humanity.  Apostle Paul actually speaks of it being the doctrine of devils to
    disallow marriage, while related restrictions of that demonic net, through the years have ensnared
    most everything relating to beauty, romance, and sexuality.  The creator of this site is very pleased
    to have something so large and unique as this whale's sermon endorsing the emphasis of this site,
    and never ceases to marvel at the unsearchable power of the almighty.         

           Another vital point of the whale's unique Valentine's sermon, pertains to God's love toward
    humanity. It is through such that man can be set free from the nets of untruth, unbelief, fear,
    bitterness, envy, hate, excesses, and pride, as well as be forgiven of sins and spared from hell
    itself.  What a great God we have, and who speaks in so many ways!  Do we really see Him or
    merely see man's confusing religions? Seeing Him often brings Spiritual awe and ravishment to
    tears, while seeing man's religions often merely brings pain, bewilderment, and contentions.  God
    wants to set us free as this whale, and then in return wants us to be romantically in love with Him,
    invigorated and leaping heavenward while crossing the vast sea of life!  Being the BRIDE of Christ
    obviously should involve being romantic about Him.  Christ wants a BRIDE, whom the truth has set
    free, and who has truly fallen in love with Him.  That is Spiritual romance which can end up at the
    marriage feast of the Lamb.  Christ does not desire a bride that is struggling to love him, while
    thinking herself extraordinary, as she tries to impress Him by a difficult life style deriving from the
    doctrine of devils.  No, Christ does not see her as very romantic!  Christ Himself rebuked haughty
    and ascetic religious ones for their oppressive religious nets, and further said the men of Nineveh at
    the judgment would condemn them because they repented at the preaching of Jonah, and these
    haughty and ascetic ones refused to repent at the teachings of Him, a greater one. Although this
    preaching whale is not a greater one, it is indisputably a huge one, and therewith a great God that
    can do such signs and wonders!  

           After writing the above the writer now stands in even greater awe, as he now has come to
    realize that the Sermon of the Whale not only occurred on Valentine's Day, but also occurred in
    unique succession and  unison with one of his most phenomenal occurrences, and which largely
    gave the same sermon!  That phenomenal event clearly encouraged feminine beauty and romance,
    and being set free from the grievous net of dismal and repulsive feminine veiling.  The net of
    erroneous religious veiling has sadly distorted and crushed the special beauty of God's most
    special creation for man, and  which God intended to be a glory to man and to be his romantic and
    beautiful Valentine.  Bender's phenomenal occurrence involved the exploding of a 36 inch gas pipe
    line that sent a flame of fire into the heavens which could be seen for 40 miles around, and which
    not only occurred on the Bender's 50th birthday, but almost immediately after reading in the Greek
    Bible that women's long hair is a glory to her and given to her instead of a veil (1 Cor 11:15).  
    Bender often prayed God to lighten his candle, and the details of this occurrence are very
    extraordinary.  Bender had largely learned Greek to aid him in researching feminine veiling and
    appearance, and here was in the process of reading through the New Testament in Greek for the
    first time. This flame which was seen for 40 miles around has good reason to be called the Sermon
    of the Fire.  Remarkably the Sermon of the Whale occurred just four days later on Valentine's
    Day.  Thus the Sermon of the Whale and the Sermon of the Fire occurred only four days apart and
    with both powerfully liberating beauty and romance! Can our world's religions, or we personally
    hear our romantic God's voice, or are we deaf, and thus will miss out on the blessings of freedom
    and romance now and in eternity?  Many Scriptures advocate healthy liberty, while Jesus Himself
    speaks of  the truth setting free (John 8:32-36).  May our world recover from having a depriving
    concept of our great God and rather see great beauty and romance in Him while enjoying His
    creation of beauty and romance with the freedom proclaimed by these unique sermons!  Please
    review Bender's other phenomenal occurrences which give much the same sermon as these.  If it
    does not infringe on God's essence and healthy design for mankind, or on other humans, it simply
    does not infringe on God's laws, as all His laws are based on love (respect and desire) toward God
    and unselfishly loving others as ourselves.  

                 May we seek to kindly rescue people from oppressive religious nets, as these sought to free
    the whale.  Note, these did not beat the whale, while seeking to free it, but rather were kind to it,
    giving us an example of how we also should be gentle in seeking to set the captives free.  The
    gentle allegory entitled "Little Sally and Her Beautiful Rose" given at this link, greatly needs read
    while pondering the Sermon of the Whale and Fire (as well as other phenomenal occurrences shared
    on this site).  Most kind and open hearted people cannot ridicule that benevolent allegory, although
    it bears a striking message.

Jubilant Whale
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The Sermon Of The Whale
Given on Valentine's Day 2011
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