GET WORKED UP

           Note although this article does not particularly pertain to sex, I yet posted it here because it yet is quite
    fitting for this site.  

           Too many Christians are indifferent about the truth, while rather untruth and falsity should disturb them.  
    Ecclesiastes 7:7 speaks of oppression making a wise man mad.  Jesus was one of those wise men, and the Bible
    speaks of Jesus looking about Him with anger as he seen the hardness (blindness, insensitivity) of men's hearts
    and much falsity about Him (Mark 3:5).  Jesus raised real havoc in the Temple, and it must have been quite a
    sight as He tipped over the tables, sent the money a flying, and held the whip in His hand (John 2:13-17)!  What
    would most Christians today do with such a wild Jesus, and who also slammed the religious elders and ate with
    publicans and sinners?  Would they not also try to crucify Him, or at the least excommunicate Him?!  Jesus
    meant business and was interested in justice and reform, not seniorities, credentials, and traditions.      cW-1

           Many Christians today are so indifferent about Biblical and religious truths that they scarcely do anything to
    personally understand them.  Although the Bereans, who the Bible speaks of as being noble, searched the
    Scriptures daily to check if Paul's claims were true, many Christians today don't even seriously open the books,
    but might rather relax in their air conditioned houses or tractors, and trusting their Church, imagine the rest of the
    world is going to hell, while they are on the way to bliss!  What is the Jesus who raised such havoc in the Temple
    and said He would spew the lukewarm out of His mouth going to do with such Christians  (Rev 3:16)?       cW-2

           Many Christians today are much more concerned about being accepted by their friends, than about serious
    Bible study, and possibly even more concerned about the color of their living room carpet, than about truth.  
    Many might even stick their heads in the sand rather than seeing something that might disturb them and their
    established lifestyle.  These might claim that Biblical truths are something for their Church to decide on or
    something to discuss in Sunday School, even though in Sunday School religious subjects often are scarcely
    cracked open when the bell rings marking the end of the subject's research.  The most ironic thing of all then is
    that most Christians because of not searching have never discovered how good and balanced God really is and
    how His truths truly make one free and are the perfect law of liberty (John 8:32, James 1:25, 2:12).  Many
    Christians thus remain bound to the commandments of men and oppressive doctrines of Devils, and are missing
    the promise of the life that now is and of that life which is to come (1 Tim 4:8)!  Yet isn't that what such
    deserve?  Take warning, be up and seeking and doing, rather than missing life and eternal life.      cW-3

           It has been said their are three kinds of people.  The one makes things happen, the other watches and waits
    for things to happen, and the last and worst only wonders what happened!  Which are you?  May God help us be
    earnest seekers and doers, rather than unprofitable servants, which will be cast into outer darkness (Matt 25:30).  
    Yet may we not be out to just hit and to hurt, but to arouse, help, and bless as was Jesus who set the captives
    free, and was the friend of sinners, rather than the conceited religious who were so thankful they were better than
    the world (Luke 18:10-14).      cW-4

           This worked up and doing Jesus very much gives His followers a cross to bear.  Yet His cross by no means
    pertains to following the legalistic and burdensome commandments of men (which commandments Jesus
    rebuked), but rather pertains to the difficulties and persecutions Christians often encounter as they go against
    such commandments and teachers, and encounter as they honestly seek the truth, and love others as themselves.  
    May we discover Christ's emphasis and cross, and lose manmade crosses!  Christ's emphasis was that we be
    honest, love others as ourselves, and be humble like little children, and such rather than displaying prestigious
    credentials, or tramping upon others in an attempt to please, or save, or honor ourselves.  Jesus' emphasis was to
    reveal and promote His Father's good plan.  Jesus' good emphasis got Him all worked up, and caused Him to
    both cry and get angry, and He wants His good emphasis to also get you worked up!  He wants you to do more
    than watch and wonder, He wants you to seek and do.  Jesus didn't copyright and sell His work, and relax in a
    luxurious office, but rather taught in the deserts and said freely ye have received freely give.  Jesus wants the
    blind eyes opened, the captives delivered.  He wants the Church to go forth as at Pentecost.  He wants people to
    know how Satan has turned His Father's plan, backwards and upside down, and all in the name of religion and
    truth!  Jesus wants the man of sin revealed and how shocked many will be at what they see when his mask is
    removed!  Jesus wants people to know the truth of God's goodness, and know why King David so greatly
    rejoiced in His God.  Don't think I am joking, I was crying while writing these things.  The writer in the last
    numerous years in earnest searching has discovered many things about the goodness of God, that Satan has
    hidden from humanity and which often made him cry, but who cares?  Who even reads or diligently checks
    things out?  Who even communicates?       cW-5

           Jesus wasn't impressed by man's traditions, or by man's prestige and wealth, but was moved by the many
    needs of man, and often lack of health.  He was moved by the hungry, He was moved by the poor.  He was
    moved by the seeking, He was moved by the pure.  Although His anger waxed hot at error and He made the
    changers coins to fly, yet He also felt very sorry for people and then did weep and cry.  He wasn't grudging,
    degrading, or revengeful, but was ready to forgive and restore.  Oh what a wonderful Jesus what could we ever
    ask more!  Yet although being so wonderful, yet He was slain on the cross, and by the prestigious, the traditional,
    and religious, while others wept at the loss.  What had we done with this Jesus had we lived back in His day,
    would we have condemned Him as others, or would we have believed in His way?  Now get worked up and be
    seeking and doing, rather than just drifting along.  For those who are carelessly drifting are sure to end up all
    wrong.  May we all be up and doing, the truth to seek and tell.  God bless you friends as always and now I must
    say farewell.     cW-6

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