Miscellaneous Writings of Others
                                                                           Writing zE

    Justin Martyr
    Book 1 Page 520-21

           “If, then, the teaching of the prophets and of Himself moves you, it is better for you to follow God than your
    imprudent and blind masters, who even till this time permit each man to have four or five wives; and if any one see a
    beautiful woman and desire to have her, they quote the doings of Jacob [called] Israel, and of the other patriarchs, and
    maintain that it is not wrong to do such things; for they are miserably ignorant in this matter. 521 For, as I before said,
    certain dispensations of weighty mysteries were accomplished in each act of this sort. For in the marriages of Jacob I
    shall mention what dispensation and prophecy were accomplished, in order that you may thereby know that your
    teachers never looked at the divine motive which prompted each act, but only at the groveling and corrupting
    passions.          zE-1

    Book 1 page 528
           I said, “that the patriarchs had many wives, not to commit fornication, but that a certain dispensation and all
    mysteries might be accomplished by them; since, if it were allowable to take any wife, or as many wives as one chooses,
    and how he chooses, which the men of your nation do over all the earth, wherever they sojourn, or wherever they have
    been sent, taking women under the name of marriage, much more would David have been permitted to do this.”         

    Josephus 1054
           Now Herod brought up his sons’ children with great care; for Alexander had two sons by Glaphyra; and
    Aristobulus had three sons by Bernice, Salome’s daughter, and two daughters; and as his friends were once with him, he
    presented the children before them; and deploring the hard fortune of his own sons, he prayed that no such ill fortune
    would befall these who were their children, but that they might improve in virtue, and obtain what they justly deserved,
    and might make him amends for his care of their education. He also caused them to be betrothed against they should
    come to the proper age of marriage; the elder of Alexander’s sons to Pheroras’s daughter, and Antipater’s daughter to
    Aristobulus’s eldest son. He also allotted one of Aristobulus’s daughters to Antipater’s son, and Aristobulus’s other
    daughter to Herod, a son of his own, who was born to him by the high priest’s daughter; for it is the ancient practice
    among us to have many wives at the same time. Now the king made these espousals for the children, out of
    commiseration of them now they were fatherless, as endeavoring to render Antipater kind to them by these
    intermarriages.         zE-3

    Josephus 1357
           She also frequently reproached Herod’s sister and wives with the ignobility of their descent; and that they were
    every one chosen by him for their beauty, but not for their family. Now those wives of his were not a few; it being of
    old permitted to the Jews to marry many wives, fx39 and this king delighting in many; all which hated Alexander, on
    account of Glaphyra’s boasting and reproaches.         zE-4

    Josephus 1055
           Now Herod the king had at this time nine wives; one of them Antipater’s mother, and another the high priest’s
    daughter, by whom he had a son of his own name.         zE-5

    Josephus 1375
           Now the king had nine wives, fx42 and children by seven of them; Antipater was himself born of Doris, and Herod
    Philip of Mariamne, the high priest’s daughter; Antipas also and Archelaus were by Malthace, the Samaritan, as was his
    daughter Olympias, which his brother Joseph’s.          zE-6

    Book 6 page 565-66
    Methodius not so important
           But when hereafter it was colonized from end to end, the race of man spreading to a boundless extent, God no
    longer allowed man to remain in the same ways, considering how they might now proceed from one point to another,
    and advance nearer to heaven, until, having attained to the very greatest and most exalted lesson of virginity, they should
    reach to perfection; that first they should abandon the intermarriage of brothers and sisters, and marry wives from other
    families; and then that they should no longer have many wives, like brute beasts, as though born for the mere
    propagation of the species; and then that they should not be adulterers; and then again that they should go on to 566
    continence, and from continence to virginity, when, having trained themselves to despise the flesh, they sail fearlessly
    into the peaceful haven of immortality.

    Book  4 123-124
           Other iniquities provoke the deluge: (iniquities) 124 once for all avenged, whatever was their nature; not, however,
    “seventy-seven times,” which (is the vengeance which) double marriages have deserved.