Grievousness of Pornography
                                                                                                                                   Article dP

           The word pornography derives from the two Greek words "porno" and "graphy" which combined mean fornication
    graphics.  In Greek "porno" pertains to fornication, and "graphy" pertains to graphics, descriptions, and diagrams.  
    Pornography often shows sexual evils, which the Bible with good reason prohibits, and as if acceptable, exciting and
    ravishing.  Pornography does not only pertain to photos, but also to the text or audio that might accompany the photos.  
    Pornography advertises and encourages casually having sex with the girl next door or anybody you might be able to
    allure.  God very much desires secure parents, secure children, and a healthy society, yet pornography often does the
    very opposite as it often entices and encourages mates to not be loyal to one another.  If God had not ordained the order
    of marriage, and it rather was customary for everyone to nightly take for themselves any mate they were able to allure
    that day, our world would be quite insecure and frustrating for both adults and children.  It does not take a genius to
    grasp such.     dP-1

           Further some pornography is very vile, and portrays sexual things as if the more evil or bizarre they are, the more
    exciting and ravishing.  Some advertises violent sexual activities, such as having women bound with chains and using
    whips in sexual activities, and many such bizarre and unnatural things.  Some advertises having sex with young children
    or even animals.  Some pornography endeavors to show homosexual activities in bright and pleasing manners although
    that does seem impossible.  Yet as one watches such things it appears it is possible to start seeing pleasure and
    excitement in it, and one can fall prey to it especially if encouraged and accompanied by a disoriented individual.  Some
    pornography advertises anal sex with one's wife or any women as a wonderful and exciting option, as gross as it is.  
    Sexual errors as encouraged by pornography often even result in sexual diseases.  Apostle Paul with good reason taught
    that the one who commits fornication sins against his own body (1 Cor 6:18).       dP-2

           Although our Holy Bible gives significant honor to the special beauty of woman, and although our Bible even in a
    wholesome manner quite graphically expresses some revealing feminine views, the above kind of evil photos are far
    different than the special feminine views the Song of Solomon expresses.  May Christians understand that difference, as
    quite obviously our Holy Bible does not condone or display pornography even in a verbal form.  Pornography shows
    and encourages lawless and perverted sex (fornication), and leads people into chaos and difficulty in the process of time,
    and there is nothing good about it at all.  May Christians understand pornography and it's evils, as they fight against it
    and endeavor to spare society from the difficulties it causes, and as they further try to reveal God's good and secure
    sexual plan of true love, and wherein special feminine beauty (as expressed in the Scriptures) yet is properly understood
    and appreciated.  Note, this article defines the word pornography according to it's Greek roots and thus as photos
    pertaining to fornication, although it is realized many define pornography as being any sexually attractive photo, while
    according to that definition even our Holy Bible contains written pornography or pornographic descriptions.       dP-3
    The laws of a Christian nation and Christians obviously should reject pornography, just like movies showing murders
    and violence in an exciting and enticing way, should also be rejected.  Quite obviously people who like to watch bloody
    and violent videos, or like to play such video games, somehow have become sick mentally or emotionally, and are
    becoming hardened and candidates to do real violence and crimes.  Likewise those who enjoy watching perverted, or
    violent sexual activities have become sick and are becoming candidates to be sexual offenders and criminals.  Regarding
    dealing with pornography, the laws of our land are far from truth and God's real laws.  It appears the only restrictive
    laws our country has regarding pornography, pertain to photos involving minors.  Yet God's plan and order clearly is not
    that those things which are evil for a 17 year old are good and holy for an 18 year old.  Although it is good that the laws
    of our land oppose the marriage of gays, yet it is sad that the very pornography that advertises and encourages gay
    lifestyles is freely allowed.  It is also sad that videos which encourage sexual evils and crimes are freely allowed, and
    then when people fall prey to doing what they have learned to enjoy watching, they then must be penned up similar to
    animals, thus being in a very difficult place and situation, while the rest of society then has to provide funds to keep
    them alive while confined as such and sometimes for the rest of their lives.  How sad it is for our world and society.      

           Further although many people have no sexual law at all, and are as wild and loose as animals, on the other hand
    many religious people from the Moslems to the Catholics and the Amish have very erroneous laws regarding marriage,
    sex, and feminine beauty, and which too often results in people having a warped view of our good God and His ways
    and then rejecting Him and all His laws and thus becoming like animals.  Yet it seems that neither the conservatives or
    the liberals ever are wrong, and seems no person or organization ever is wrong, as all defend themselves.  How sad and
    strange it all is.  What is wrong with us humans?       dP-5

           The word Gospel according to the Greek means good news, and may our Gospel be good news.  A wonderful
    portion of this good news is that the truth makes us free and God's laws make up the perfect law of liberty, as His laws
    are intended to be like a good and protective fence which fences out the harmful and evil, and fences in the blessed and
    good (John 8:32, James 1:25, 2:12).  Yet it is very sad that erring religion often has fenced out the blessed and good,
    rather than the bad, and thus the Gospel of erring religion often is the bad and bondage news, rather than the good
    news.  Another portion of the good news of the Gospel is that God wants to change people from the inside out.  He
    wants to deliver people from the evils of perversion, hate, revenge, rebellion, anger, jealousy, selfishness, fear, and
    pride, and fill them with peace and love.  While still another very vital aspect of the Gospel good news is that Jesus
    actually resurrected from our very humanity and difficulties to a body and life far superior to what we now have and
    live, and is God's wondrous proof that His followers someday also can resurrect like He the first fruit of the resurrection
    did.  May we as humans open our mind to what God and truth really is, and may God change us from the inside out so
    we can experience the good God intends for us in this life and the life to come.  Jesus knowing that many Jews because
    of their stubbornness and pride had missed the good news of the Gospel, wept over Jerusalem saying, "If thou hadst
    known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes.
    (Luke 19:42).  Who is He weeping over today?      dP-6